Design and art have had a happy marriage in my development. 

I am an award winning interior designer with a fine arts background, and international experience with high profile brands such as Apple. My strength lies in the conceptual development and timely delivery of interior design projects while maintaining the highest quality work. I enjoy interacting with the client, acknowledging needs, and producing a Design Brief with all proper details and timelines. I take pride in seeing the project through by creating all deliverables: from analysis and research, to the creation of visuals that communicate the brand, through development and implementation. I have a track record of successfully presenting these to the client, collecting feedback and addressing any issues that arise. My ability to listen, visualize, and articulate core client needs is proven. 

I earned a four-year undergraduate degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My journey into design started after graduation as lead in-house designer for Anthropologie where I was in charge of budgeting, staffing and conceptualizing creative projects for various stores in New York and San Francisco. I decided to further my career with a three-year postgraduate program on interior architecture from the University of California Berkeley. While completing my studies, I worked on residential design at a well-known San Francisco company where I gained experience with furniture design. Immediately after graduating I moved to MBH Architects, and was dedicated exclusively to Apple international fixture projects. When I relocated to London, I continued working with Apple projects as Team Leader with a focus on branding and prototyping. In my recent position as Team Leader at CADA Design I found my true passion - restaurant and food retail design. The first project I lead for CADA, Fenwick Food Hall, Newcastle, has received multiple awards. You can see my work for this project here. I have lead the design for the visual identity of environments for many brands, including among them Euphorium Bakery, of which I am particularly proud. You can see the opening announcement for this project here

I have studied and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and London England. I am now based in Los Angeles, California. Currently I am privileged to be following my passion for design while enjoying the endless supply of art and culture that this city has to offer.



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